The Tunnel

Since I finished my series of posts about Farm Sanctuary, I figured I might as well share another poem. This is one that I wrote back in college, and found in a notebook a few years ago. So, fair warning, it's pretty dark (no pun intended).


Walking through darkness.

Darkness so deep I can feel it on my skin.

Things move in the darkness.

I can’t see them.

I tell myself they’re not there.

They want to destroy me.

If I stop they’ll get me.

So I keep moving,

always moving.

I want to stop.

I want to give up,

just let them catch me,

but I can’t

because there’s a light,

a light in the distance,

so tiny that I’m not sure it’s real.

Perhaps it’s only my imagination,

but I can see it.

I know it’s real.

It’s not my imagination.

I love it and I hate it,

because it keeps me moving.

It gives me hope,

but the hope is false,

the hope is cruel,

a hope for something that will never happen.

I think, “I’ll never reach it.”

I think, “It’s too far.”

But the light calls to me.

It says, “You can make it.”

It says, “You can escape the darkness.”

It says, “In the light is everything you desire.”

I know it lies.

But what if it doesn’t?

It taunts me with its promises.

False promises.

Cruel promises.

I keep moving.

Always moving.

But the light never gets closer.

The things in the dark do.

They get braver.

They come closer.

I can feel their breath on my skin.

Sometimes I think I can almost see them.

I don’t want to see them.

Thank god for the darkness,

if I saw them I would go crazy.

Maybe I already am crazy.

The light says, “No you’re not.”

It says “Keep moving.”

They’re coming for me.

If only I could reach the light before they get me,

but I can’t.

The light says, “You can.”

It says, “Keep moving.”

So I keep moving.

Always moving,

moving toward the light,

and they follow,

always follow,

follow me toward the light.

If I reach the light I’ll be safe.

They won’t come into the light.

But what if they do?

What if they follow me into the light?

The light says, “They won’t.”

It says, “Keep moving.”

So I keep moving,

always moving,

moving toward the light,

and they follow,

always follow,

follow me toward the light.

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