Tarot Reading

A few months ago, I did a tarot reading for myself. I asked for guidance in regard to what I should do with my life, I guess specifically I wanted to know if I should even bother with this whole writing thing. Overall, the reading seemed pretty promising, at least to me. I mean, it wasn’t great; the last card, which is supposed to be the overall outcome, basically said, “You’re going to end up totally overwhelmed and feel like you are doing everything by yourself.” Still, I thought, “Worth it!”

So that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I learned to edit my own work, with the “read aloud” feature on Word. I self-published the second book in my series, though my sister did design the cover and help tremendously with formatting. I’m recording my own audio book. I made a book trailer, which I filmed, narrated, and edited myself. And I was legitimately starting to feel pretty good about everything; like, maybe I can actually do this.

The only problem is, I still can’t seem to figure out the whole promotion thing, which is awesome since that is probably the most important thing, if you actually want to make any kind of money from writing. I could become a master at all of the other stuff, and it wouldn’t matter at all, if no one is paying attention. The thing is, I know it shouldn’t be this hard. It’s me, I hate trying to promote my own stuff. I hate trying to convince people to give a shit about what I do. It makes me feel annoying, and pathetic, and like people are going to think I’m an arrogant asshole. I hope my reading was right and that, eventually, I’ll figure out how to market my work without sending my sense of self-worth into a death spiral. I guess we’ll see.


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