I figured it was time for another poem because, you know, why not?

We are all connected. We affect each other in ways that we cannot even imagine. We change and are changed in innumerable ways everyday without even noticing it. I live my life under the assumption that everything I do creates a tiny ripple which grows smaller and smaller even as it stretches out in all directions, reaching toward infinity. Maybe someday, if I create enough of these ultimately microscopic disturbances in the fabric of our reality, they will join together and form a tidal wave which will wash over us all and leave behind a new high water mark on the walls of our world. I walk through my life scattering thoughts like spores to the wind, in the hope that they will land in the minds of those around me and grow into brand new worldviews. The human voice is so small, but we live in a time of truly remarkable acoustics.

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