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I think I mentioned before that I have been working on recording an audio book for Myths & Music. Well, I am still working on it. That turned out to be much more of a pain in the ass than I anticipated.

My house is so fucking loud all the time that recording the thing was nearly impossible. I got into the habit of staying up until five or six in the morning, so that I could record when it was quieter. Still, I ended up having to do some parts of the recording multiple times, because I had dogs barking, or roosters crowing, or the sound of my dad's TV, in the background. This is in addition to the fact that I just naturally stumble over my words constantly.

Then, I couldn’t really decide how I wanted to handle the recording. I wasn’t sure if I should just use my normal speaking voice, or try to do a softer voice, or try to sound different depending on which character as speaking. I actually went through and recorded the entire thing, then realized that I hated the way it sounded and started over from the beginning.

After that I had to do editing. Supposedly, this program called Audacity is the best for audio books, so I downloaded that, but then I had to learn how to use it, which took a good bit of trial and error. I recorded the book in a ton of little short clips, because that was the only way I felt confident that end up leaving in something that shouldn’t be there. So, I have to splice all the clips together, and trim down the white noise, then run them through all of these processes to try to blend them together. It’s damn annoying and takes forever.

Plus, I’m still not even sure that what I have will be good enough to upload to Amazon’s audio book service. So, basically, I may well have wasted months of my life working on something that will do me no good whatsoever. Anyway, I made the first chapter into a video (not really, it’s just a picture of the cover with audio) and uploaded it to Youtube, if anyone is interested.


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